Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a unique atmosphere

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Just off the Appleby Highway sits a quaint chapel that has been lovingly transformed into a charming cafe and restaurant. La Capilla, which literally translates to “the chapel” in Spanish, strives to serve delectable, Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a unique atmosphere. Its rustic interiors and beautiful and peaceful surroundings make it the ideal spot to indulge in a midday or evening meal.
La Capilla’s idyllic environment is a testament to the importance of maintaining a clean, sophisticated, yet comfortable setting that both children and adults can enjoy. Locally-grown, organic, and in-season ingredients, and as well as a wide range of New Zealand and Spanish wines, are sourced to create an outstanding dining experience, perfect to be shared with family and friends.
Thus, relax in our restaurant’s warm ambience and hospitality, and delight in our fantastic menu. Come dine and have a new Nelson culinary experience with us here at La Capilla!

About our chef

Head Chef and Owner Takeshi Nagahama has always enjoyed preparing home-cooked meals. His love affair with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, however, began with his natural ability to learn the Spanish language. What was initially a requirement for an agronomy teaching program in Ecuador, Take (tah-kee), as he is fondly called by peers and colleagues, took this as an opportunity to mesh this new skill with his passion for cooking. He set off for beautiful Spain shortly after his time in Ecuador, and from there grew the roots of his future as a professional chef, and undoubtedly, the start of his gastronomic adventure.
After studying at “Hofmann” in Barcelona, one of the best culinary school in Spain, Take started to work at various Michelin-star restaurants in Spain and Japan. After moving to Venezuela, operated and managed a restaurant in Mérida. Then he came to New Zealand searching his new adventure in 2008. He worked at Boatshed Cafe & Restaurant, one of the most reputable venue in Nelson as head chef leading the kitchen team, and now finally, the proud proprietor of his own precious Spanish bistro, La Capilla. His knowledge of flavours and fanciful food preparation, coupled with his background in agriculture and familiarisation with produce, all for one make him a chef whose creations you would not want to miss!